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This is the new home page of Grognard Simulations, Inc.

//***** Updated 03 January 2022 *****//

//***** CRITICAL UPDATES *****//
Death Ride Normandy - Juno Beach was released in January 2022.  It is already Out of Stock here on my shelf, but I am working on getting more.

Speaking of game supply, I have been having real hard times keeping titles on my shelf.  It is a good idea to email me to find out if a title you are interested in is In Stock at the moment.  The choke point has been counter sheets.  I have begun having them produced by a third party.  They are beginning to come in and I starting to have some inventory increases, but not in all areas.  I Thank everyone for their patience.

I have updated prices for games for 2022.  Increases are due to increased material costs.

//***** PHONE *****//
I have been inundated with cell calls from unknown callers.  If I don't have your number and name in my cell already please leave a message and I will return the call.  I no longer answer calls where I don't have a name show up.

Our Mission
GSI provides quality board games to the "Grognard" community for the best value in the industry.

(972) 816-7948
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107 Meadowlark Dr, Palmer TX 75152

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