//***** Updated 25 October 2015 *****//

//***** Quantities of Quatre Bras and Ligny are zero. I do have some Waterloo left. *****//

//***** Quantities of virtually all other games are low again. I will be making more stock over the next few months. *****//

//***** IMPORTANT UPDATE *****//

//***** I am in the midst of making more restock. Your patience is appreciated. *****//

//***** Feel free to reach out to me first and ask if something is on my shelf ready to go. *****//

//***** IMPORTANT UPDATE *****//

Our Mission

GSI provides quality board games to the "Grognard" community for the best value in the industry.

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President's Profile

Chris Fasulo Sr - President GSIOur President, Chris Fasulo Sr, has an extensive background in wargaming and military simulations.  His experience started with wargaming in high school back in the 70's.  He received his commission in 1982 and was assigned as the Scout Platoon Leader in a Tank Battalion, the 2nd Bn 102nd Armor.   Further assignments included Company Executive Officer and Company Commander during which time there were numerous opportunities to practice tactics as a participant in command post and field exercises at the company level.  His next assignment was to the Training and Training Technology Battle Lab at Fort Dix, NJ. where he prepared and conducted Command Post Exercises for army units from Battalion through Division.  He also ran the Threat (OPFOR) Team and directed the operations of the OPFOR and studied enemy tactics to be certain that the training was realistic, accurate, and appropriate.  This assignment provided him the foundation of knowledge and understanding of the use of military simulations for training.  The company that developed the training simulation saw an opportunity to hire him as an experienced and knowledgeable person to develop tests and conduct demonstrations for new customers.  That was 16 years ago and he has since had the opportunity to work with the US, UK, and Canadian militaries to enhance simulations specifically for their needs.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact us and send us your thoughts about our products and service.   Your comments are welcome and encouraged.

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