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Death Ride Normandy

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This Death Ride game comes with or allows:

  • Numerous Charts and Tables

  • Rules Written Based on the Seven Battlefield Operating Systems

  • Detailed but not Overbearing

  • Excellent Solitaire Play

V*************   Death Ride Normandy  *************V

Death Ride Normandy
  This game is going to cover the entire Normandy campaign from 6 June 1944 up to Cobra.  It will be as grand a game as Death Ride Kursk and have all the richness of that game series.  This series will be broken down into many smaller games.  The Base Game will likely focus on the operation at Pt du Hoc conducted by elements of the 2nd Ranger Battalion.  Along with this initial offering will be 2 games focused on beaches.  Death Ride Normandy - Omaha Beach and Death Ride Normandy - Gold Beach.  I am also working on the other 3 beaches and the initial set of games (DRN-Pt du Hoc, DRN-Omaha Beach, DRN-Gold Beach, DRN-Utah Beach, DRN-Juno Beach, and DRN-Sword Beach) will all take the game from the invasion through the end of 10 June 1944.

I am currently considering how to organize all the games in this series.  At this time there will be a small base game for the entire series.  It will be focused on Pt du Hoc and have a small scenario with the Rangers and their operation to capture that location and the Germans that were involved in trying to eliminate them on June 6 and 7, mainly the 914th Infantry Regiment.  I am considering NOT putting a Master Rules set in the base game and instead providing a link to the PDF of the Master Rules.  I would make a hard copy of the Master Rules available as a separate purchase for those who want to have one provided by
Grognard Simulations.  The Master Rules will be set up similarly to the Death Ride Kursk model where there are a number of different levels of play.  This will make the game easier to pickup for newcomers, and yet have the depth of play enjoyed by experienced players.  I will be putting the common charts and tables needed for the general game system in there.  This will make the Pt du Hoc scenario playable and small for those wishing an introductory game into the series.  The first 2 games mentioned above will be the initial offerings of the main amphibios packages.  These games will address the battle from 6 June through possibly 10 June.  There will be additional expansions to the series for beyond 10 June.

Here is a sample of the map plan (the
GREEN box represents the map area for Pt du Hoc):

This map plan is NOT complete!  There are additional maps being created now for the remainder of the Cotentin Peninsula, and for a third row of maps south of those shown here.  There could even be more depending on how far into the campaign I decide to go.

The battle is the most important for the US and its Allied partners during World War II.  Without the Normandy Campaign a second front would not have been created and the war would likely have lasted longer.

Here is a small portion of the map done by Robert Weebe.  It shows an area of Omaha Beach near St Laurent:
(You can see the intermediate tide lines, an important feature of the landings, some Resistance Nests and their associated arcs of fire)

Here are some units you will find in the game (these are primarily the company build up units):

Below is 'E' Company 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment.  The platoons, company build up, battalion mortar platoon, and the task organization marker.

Below is '6' Company, 6th Falschirmjager Rgiment.  The platoons, company build up, and battalion machine gun platoon.

Some of the 17th SS Panzer Grenadiers of the 7th Company, 37th SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment.  The platoons, heavy weapons platoon, and the company build up.

A sample of units of the Canadian 2nd Armoured Brigade.

And we have Commandos and Funnies.

Game Scales are:

  • Game Turns are 2 hours for regular turns and 40 minutes for invasion turns; a change from most other Death Ride series games

  • Hex Scale is 330m per Hex

  • Most units are platoons with the ability to combine into companies

PRICE for Death Ride Normandy - Pt du Hoc (Base Game):
Price is $???? +
TX Residents 8.25% Tax + Postage and Handling

PRICE for Death Ride Normandy - Omaha Beach:
Price is $???? + TX Residents 8.25% Tax + Postage and Handling

PRICE for Death Ride Normandy - Gold Beach:
Price is $???? + TX Residents 8.25% Tax + Postage and Handling


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