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SPECIAL 'from the closet' GAME SALE

I have decided that I need to lighten the closet load and pay down the mortgage.  Here is a list of what I have and what I am asking for each of them.  I am open to negotiation.

To make me an offer please send an email to:

Please also plan to add USPS Priority postage.  Please feel free to contact me about these and ask any questions you may have.

MMP                 This Terrible Sound                   Unpunched              $200
MMP                 This Hallowed Ground               Unpunched               $200
MMP                 A Fearful Slaughter                   Unpunched               $200

CoA                   la Bataille de Mont St Jean       Shrink Wrapped        $100
CoA                   la Bataille de Ligny                  Shrink Wrapped        $150
CoA                   la Bataille de Quatre Bras 2ed  Shrink Wrapped        $150
CoA                   la Bataille de Lutzen                Unpunched               $150       Box is a little less than perfect

GDW                  la Bataille de la Moskowa        Unpunched               $150       
Box is a little less than perfect


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