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Death Ride Tarawa

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This Death Ride game comes with or allows:

  • Numerous Charts and Tables

  • Rules Written Based on the Seven Battlefield Operating Systems

  • Detailed but not Overbearing

  • Excellent Solitaire Play

V*************   Death Ride Tarawa  *************V

Death Ride Tarawa
  This game launches our tactical amphibious assault game system.

This game has a very detailed landing system that has landing craft running ground units from the transports to the beaches.

Here is a small portion of the map done by Todd Davis.

There is incredible detail in this map.  After looking very hard at the reef along the lagoon I think I saw some angel fish.  And in the pier I am certain I saw some nails tacking down the floor boards.

This four day battle is one of the more gruesome fights in the Pacific Theater.  This game will showcase a unique landing system.  In the hopefully not too distant future I shall post some images of the landing craft.


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